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Storage-and Warehouse Management

Our warehouses cover a total area of 14000 m2 and include 8 ramps to accelerate processes during loading and unloading of the goods. Additionally, our warehouses are all covered by guarantee.

We also profit from the national warehouses at the customs offices in Gebze.

Bonded Warehouse Services

Petek Logistics has reached an integrated structure with the ownership of a storage room of about a size of 5200 m2 at the Gebze Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone, from where it delivers its 3PL services,

Loading / Unloading

Loading and unloading in minimum amount of time,


Goods are being stored according to their specific features under suitable conditions,

Stock Control

Based on customer requests, either a weekly or a monthly stock control is carried out. Stock control and delivery are being done on a tailor-made Lot - , Parcel or FIFO basis.


Product Consolidation, Packaging, Labeling, Wrapping and Palletizing,

Transport Preparation

Preparation for the transportation according to customer requirements,

Domestic Distribution

Distribution of goods within Turley in the form of Pallets or Parcels,

Custom Clearance Services

Our company cooperates with Onel Customs Brokerage company.

The company Onel is dedicated to deliver quality services in short amount of time and mainly consists of customs agents. Onel is regarded as being a reliable and serious company and has 81 employees, which are made up of specialists and qualified workers. Customs Offices are directly connected to the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), which allow for speedy handling of business. Approvals from the Export Association can be obtained through the interconnected E-Associations-Network at the customs offices, which makes a visit to the associations redundant.


Complete Transport-Insurance

We are insuring all imported or exported goods without having to wait for customers requests.
Our company is also an agency of Isvicre Sigorta (Swiss Insurance Company).
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