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Because of the fact that every single cent plays an important role in today’s economy, customers tend to keep minimum stock and only order real amount of necessities.

For this reason, individual goods carry a bigger value, whereas the quality of the logistic services has an increasingly greater importance. Correct or inaccurate planning has a bigger impact and creates greater consequences today.

We are perfectly aware that international transportation from loading of the goods till their unloading is a team game. Consequently, we are monitoring all individual steps throughout the delivery of the goods so that the process can be followed by the clients and information is always delivered in a timely manner.

Land Transport Services

We are perfectly aware that international transportation from loading of the goods till their unloading is a team game. All of our vehicles are endowed with ADR Transport-Equipment, whereas our drives do all possess ADR driver’s licenses. The vehicles can be located by the clients with the help of the GPS systems.

Service Locations

  • Parcel Delivery : Europe und Central Asiai
  • Complete Truck : Europe und Central Asia and Middle Easti
  • Frigo Truck Transport : Europe

Train Transport Services

This service refers to a combination of truck and train transportation model. Goods are being delivered from sender to recipient without transshipping.

Round-trip Container Transports are being carried out regularly on a weekly basis with 45’ blocks departing from Istanbul and Çerkezköy regions to destinations such as Austria, Southern Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. With their short delivery times, container transports offer greatfreight and capacity advantage. The following local services are available in the destination countries upon request;

  • Storage
  • Carriage Loading-and Unloading Services
  • Lashing
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Project Transport
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Storage-and Warehouse Management

Air and Sea Transport Services

Petek International Transportation fulfils all customer requirements as a Sea-, Air- and Land Freight Deliverer with its comprehensive, efficient agency network and its engaged team of specialists.

Our aim is to provide “excellent services under all circumstances” and to be "indispensable”

Project Transport

Loading over Clearance Limit

In 2003 we signed agency agreements with our business partners in Germany and Italy, whose main and exclusive area of concentration is log-best transportation. Transports, which contain loads that exceed the clearance limit, are being handled with a turn-key approach, while we also offer our clients engineering and consulting services in this field.

Road – and Route Assessment

This service refers to the observation of potential transportation routes with regards to the capacity, tonnage and determination of the definite transportation route for loadings over the clearance limit,

Transportation Planning

The service refers to defining of the transport vehicles and the applicable transport models, whereas the necessary transport authorizations are being obtained from the respective countries,

Assembly Planning

This service refers the planning of the organization whilst retrieving the goods from the factory, their loading onto the transportation vehicle and their assembly at the destination,

Transport-Project Management

This service refers to managing all the risks which are involved in the process chain from acceptance to final delivery of the goods,
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