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Our company began its operations as a Forwarder as of 11. September 2001 in our current Head Office in Bostanci, Istanbul. As of 2003, the company initiated its investments into vehicles and currently services the customers with a fleet of 65 vehicles, out of which 25 vehicles belong to its own capital.

Productivity: Our transportation models and logistic services throughout transportation aim to increase customers’ productivity within their operations. All of our vehicles possess GPS systems, in order to enable the customers to follow the delivery by locating the vehicles, which makes sure that accurate information is delivered to the customers in a timely manner to allow realistic planning of the deliveries.

Work Ethics: We believe in the basic laws of the free market economy and adjust ourselves accordingly. It is important to us to be sincere, honest, fair, candid and consistent towards our customers, business partners and our competitors. In doing so, we also make sure to comply with the regulations, the general work ethics and principles in all the undertakings, which are carried out by our company.

Research and Development: We insist on the fact that effective Research and Development represents the backbone of competitiveness in today’s fast changing world. For this reason we tend to apply the majority of our company resources into Research and Development, to be able to generate new fields of work, improve our existing services and to adjust ourselves to new technologies and platforms. Consequently, our customer services are constantly being improved.

Customer Satisfaction: The unconditional satisfaction of our customers is extremely crucial for us. Therefore, we put great emphasis to maintaining our logistic services at the highest standards, while we consider Total Quality Management (TQM) as a central company philosophy. When defining new guidelines we rely on our basic principles, which are based on observing market requirements, as well as fostering friendly and close customer relations.

Employee Satisfaction: We believe in the fact that high product quality and service excellence can only be obtained through qualified and content employees. For this reason, we put great importance into educating our staff members. Additionally, we provide for a good wage level, high quality working environment, engaged management and secure work places, so that our employees can develop into content, productive and socially beneficial individuals.

Determination: To efficiently implement our resources and to be a well-organized and profitable company is a responsibility that we carry towards our employees, customers and our community.

Equal Opportunity: When hiring new employees, we pay utmost attention to giving equal opportunity to all the candidates while we judge them by their knowledge and experience. Success is therefore measured by productivity and achievement of the respective company targets.
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